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Choosing the Right Minecraft Server

Choose the Type of Minecraft Server

Realms is not the ideal choice for you if you want a Minecraft server without any limitations. All you have to do is set up your own Minecraft server. There are numerous approaches to doing that, which are briefly described here. The first thing you need to do is download the appropriate Minecraft server for your needs. There are primarily two types of server setups accessible for download online including Vanilla Minecraft server, and Bukkit Minecraft server.


The Vanilla software is the unaltered version of the official Minecraft server software developed and released by Mojang. Similar to Realms, it has limitations on modes and plugins, but it still enables you to build a more distinctive and personalized world, and you can also store all the data on your computer or a dedicated server. The fact that Vanilla offers the server owner complete control over the server is an additional benefit. Why not learn more about What a Minecraft Server is with the Top Minecraft Server teams guide.


  • Vanilla allows you to play the game in the original format developed by the creator Mojang.
  • You can easily download it from the official Minecraft website for free.
  • Since its official server software from Mojang, it is automatically updated by the developers, and you don’t have to do anything.
  • It is essentially plug and play; you can set up a standard server and invite friends to play without much trouble.


  • On a Vanilla server there is no support for additional plugins.
  • it can become boring until the game gets updated with more content, and that content only gives you 1-10 hours of “fresh” gameplay.


Bukkit is a customized version of the vanilla Minecraft server software developed by a third-party creator. The developers of Bukkit have designed the server setup in such a way that it allows players to use plugins in the game. On the other hand, Vanilla doesn’t allow that. The ability to change the game to their preferences is highly alluring to players. CraftBukkit is another lighter version of the Vanilla Software which gives players freedom to configure several game elements. The Top Minecraft Servers team are on hand to explain any element of server configuration you need clarity on. Versions like Bukkit and Spigot have another issue which is that they don’t collaborate with Mojang directly; as a result, they must first wait for a game update to be released before developing new features for their versions.


  • It enables users to explore the unlimited possibilities of Minecraft by using various plugins developed by third-party creators.
  • Bukkit Minecraft server software provides easy gameplay which is very useful for the beginners, and makes the game more enjoyable.


  • The more mods, extensions, plugins, addons, and extras you install on your server, the more storage space and memory you will need for your Minecraft server. As a result, you will need a larger Minecraft server hosting package. We also recommend only dealing with Legitimate server providers who are registered with MSDN and Microsoft.
  • Due to the fact that the plugins you install on your server are developed by a third-party developer which doesn’t work with Mojang, there will inevitably be bugs that can result in everything from lag to server crashes.

Check for the Hardware Requirement

The hardware requirements for the game must be met if you wish to install a Minecraft server on your personal computer. Otherwise, multiple users connecting to your server will fill up your PC’s storage and RAM, which can result in a variety of problems, including computer lag and slow network. It is wise to check the minimum hardware requirement for the Minecraft server before installing one. Feel free to use our contact form to send us any questions you may have.

Processor – Your PC should have the processing power to run the default version of Minecraft server. The processor requirement varies according to the modpacks you use. For instance, if you wish to play larger modpacks like Yogscast or Beast, your server must be of an adequate capacity to accommodate these mods. Your PC should have a dual-core processor over 2.8GHz, so that it can manage the server without sacrificing the quality of graphics.

RAM – If you plan to host a Minecraft server on your personal computer, you must have enough RAM to do it without experiencing any problems. The RAM usage depends on three main factors including, number of player slots, world size, and plugins/Mods. We recommend your PC should have a minimum of 8Gb RAM. Follow our Podcast on the Official PocketCase profile here.

Network – internet connection is another important factor that affects the performance of a server. To have a fast Minecraft server, you must need a minimum of 10MB/S of upload, which means your network should be a minimum of 1GB.

DDoS Protection – to set up a Minecraft server, you’ll also need to configure port forwarding and disclose your IP to other players, which could be problematic if a DDoS attack is launched against your home network. Your network should be completely protected from DDoS attacks. Follow us on Pinterest here